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New item! Combo Muzzle Brake

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Diopter front sight

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New Bipod Stud for 1889, 1896, 96/11, Kadett, 1911, K11 and K31.

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NEW FOR 2019 K31/K11

This new Front Sight is standard issue with the type P/S Diopter and K11 Diopter kits.

It is also sold as a "stand alone" item without the Adler Aug, or Eagle Eye magnifier Lens.
It is threaded on both sides to accept, on the shooter's side, the Anschutz Adjustable Aperture.
It's threaded on the Target side to accept the Adler Aug, or Eagle Eye 1.5 power magnifier lens. The true benefit of this
lens is to, not only magnify, but also to make the target much clearer/sharper for the shooter.

clamp on muzzle brake
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schmidt rubin 1911 clamp on muzzle brake










Swiss Products began in 1999 when Pierre St.Marie and Jack Sturgess formed a Montana Partnership.
Pierre supplied the concepts for a number of Swiss k31 rifle accessories, Jack fabricated the prototypes, Pierre then took them to the SP Range for field testing and, if the accessory proved itself over a spectrum of rifles, it was put into production.
A Montana Hanshake is all they required to seal the deal and Swiss Products was born in Kalispell Montana.That began a 20 year partnership with each of them performing their part of the agreement. The first year the accessories were to referred to as "St. Marie" rifle accessories. By the year 2000 they agreed to renaming their "retirement business" Swiss Products. As it happened, their "retirement business" grew a bit bigger than anticipated. Jack passed away a number of years ago leaving the St.Maries to continue on with their Swiss Products line.

Their premise was to design and produce accessories for the Swiss Rifles that facilitated pure enjoyment of the shooters. Because these rifles are of the collectible bent, Pierre was determined that these accessories did not require any physical change to the rifles themselves.  He did acommodate a growing number of 1911 rifles imported by Santa Fe and Golden State Arms in the 1960's and 70's   that had been converted to .308 and had been drilled and tapped for an inexpensive bent, sheet metal scope mount. The design for the SP replacement mount acommodated both the three hole and the five hole versions, but machined of steel, blued and finely finished.

He also provided a simple but very effective Muzzle Threading Kit for a growing number of shooters using the Threaded Damper and Muzzle Brake. The pinnacle of the Swiss Products Line is the 1,000 yard Diopters developed for the k31 and recently, the 1911 series of rifles.

How the P/S Diopter came to be, and the story of the first production P/S.
We developed out first Diopter because the ones in production both in Switzerland and Germany had obvious shortcomings. Anyone who owns an “original” Diopter knows this. The Diopter was never a Bern manufacture and has nothing to do with Army issue items. They were originally all made by “cottage industries” in Switzerland and Germany, so there are no "originals".

The "original" Diopters have a real flaw. If you traverse the windage to the maximum in both directions you’ll see a gap open up exposing the inside of the Diopter to dirt, sand, whatever. The Matrix also “cocks” itself off true horizontal. You’ll also notice that when you mount the Diopter, to achieve a true axis alignment to the front sight and the bore, you have to begin with a left windage setting.  We completely redesigned the interior workings of the Diopter to correct all of that. The Steel Type P/S only came about because of demands from the Swiss SSV. Without those changes they would not give us approval for Swiss Sanctioned Matches worldwide, so………….. We developed the Type P/S and gave it a 1,000 yard capability to boot.

Now with the advent of the new Adjustable Front Sight, even the old Type P’s and PIIs will achieve the 1,000 yard ability.
The new P11 Diopter series will use the 1911 Clamp-On-Mount and work with the 1889, Kadett, 1896, 96/11, the G11 and the K11 rifles. The new P11 is also a 1,000 yard system.

We hope you enjoy your Swiss Products accessories, and we look forward to introducing three new items very soon.
Our thanks to you from the St.Marie Family.




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