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K11 Split Bushing:
The Swiss Products Split Bushing made for the Schmidt Rubin K11, Carbine/Karabiner, allows the SR K11 user to convert the K31 Muzzle Brake for use on the SR K11 Karabiner.
 Neither the Brake nor the Bushing will work on the Schmidt Rubin 1911 Long Rifle.
 It is Proprietary for the K11 only.


    Attention EU customers!
    If your order is in excess of €160 (without shipping), we can now ship to you.
    The required annual licensing for us to ship for any amount less than that is extremely excessive.
    That could change in the future, but it is highly unlikely.
    If your order is in excess of $185.00 (without shipping)  we can now ship to you.
    We are sorry for this situation, but the EU VAT tax laws are firm . And we must comply.

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